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Account Modifications

Account Modification Steps

MSU Receives Amendment - CGA Awards, OSP Contracts Team 1 or 2, or Business Connect receives an amendment.
*Amendments adding funds for additional scope of work require new or revised Proposal Development (PD) documents, please work with the Proposal Teams. Industry funding is handled through Business Connect (BC).
Amendment Negotiation for new terms or new scope – OSP Contract Teams or BC negotiate and execute amendment and send an email with the Amendment to CGA Awards Group when fully executed.
Amendment Execution for incremental funding, NCEs or administrative changes - CGA Awards Group reviews and fully executes amendments. Industry is handled by BC.
Account Edit - CGA Awards Group updates Account Explorer and KFS (may include Budget Reallocation document and/or Account Edit document) and sends a summary email to the Department Administrator and the PI.

Please note: Business Connect is the main contact for communications with Industry regarding additional funds or NCEs.

An amendment or modification changes the original award document in one or more ways.  The type of changes to the award determines which group will be handling the amendment initially.  When OSP Contract Team 1 or 2, or Business Connect, handles the Amendment, they will send an email and the fully executed amendment to CGA Awards Group for processing.

Type Group Attributes
NCE (No Cost Extension) CGA Awards Group
  • An extension of time without additional funding
  • No change in scope
  • Sponsors typically expect contributed effort to continue at previous level
Incremental Funding CGA Awards Group
  • Sponsor is providing the next increment of funding
  • Funds were included in the original proposal
  • No change in the award terms and conditions
  • No change in scope
Administrative CGA Awards Group
  • No additional funds or change in period of performance
  • No changes to the original terms and conditions
  • May include change in scope or change in PI
Supplemental Funds OSP Proposal and Contract Teams
  • New Funds not included in the original proposal
  • New or additional scope of work
  • May include new or additional terms and conditions

How do I request a No Cost Extension (NCE)?

This process can vary depending on the sponsor and the specific award terms and conditions.   At a minimum, CGA Awards will need the revised end date and a technical justification for the change.  CGA will countersign memos and send the request to the respective agencies for approval (or notification if the award/agency allows the grantee to approve).

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